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Модернизация т/х “Stavr”

Предприятие ЧАО «Дунайсудоремонт» приступило к реализации проекта модернизации т/х «Stavr»,

Refurbishment of m/v “St. Constantine”

Our enterprise has started the process of m/v “St. Constantine” refurbishment to increase gross register tonnage by building additional hold as 36 –meters long raft body.  

Modernizarion of m/v «Dmitriy Donskoy»

In July 2016 JSC «Danubeshiprepair» had comleted the modernization of m/v «Dmitriy Donskoy» for Leisure Marine LTD. Type of this vessel is Volgo-Don. The general volume of modernization consists of two cylindrical inserts 15,6 meters long and also modernization of hatch covers that foresees the change of overall dimensions. After […]

Modernization of Alexander Peresvet

In the second quarter of 2015 PJSC “Dunaysudoremont” had repaired “Volga-7” vessel, which was put to be modernized later on. After the process of modernization the vessel was renamed as “Alexander Peresvet”.  

Modernization of m/v Kapitan Shiryagin

In summer 2012 PJSC “Dunaisudoremont” along with «Ship Repair Enterprise «Danube Ship-Service» LLC. and in cooperation with the company “Valship” had started modernization process of the dry cargo ship “Kapitan Shiryagin”.