Україна, 68640, Одеська обл., Ізмаїльський р-н, селище міського типу Суворове, вул. Бесарабська, будинок 1

+38 (048) 708 02 16

Production departments

Our ship repair enterprise has the following structure:

Hull shop, which uses the following equipment:

  • Three-roll sheet bending machines and rolling plate machines with length of cut up to 6m and width up to 20 mm;
  • Hydraulic presses up to 160 tons
  • Specialized tools for handling ship propellers
  • Installation for bead forming under flux
  • Pneumatic riveting and chipping hammers
  • Transformer welders to provide mobility of repairs
  • Semi-automatic welding machine with converter for continuous welding
  • Ventilating dust-collecting units
  • Painting machines
  • Cleaning machines

Mechanical shop, which uses the following equipment:

  • Boring-and- turning mills with table diameter up to 2,5 m
  • Ram-boring machines
  • Circular grinders and plain grinders
  • Shaping machines
  • Milling machines
  • Thread-cutting lathes

Docks, which uses the following equipment:

  • Wire-cladding machines
  • Tools for processing propeller shafts up to 10 meters long and weighing up to 25 tons
  • Shaping machines
  • Thread-cutting lathes


Woodshop performs all types of works on wood processing and manufacturing of finished products. We use the following equipment:

  • Panel sizer
  • Paring machine
  • Turning lathe

Instrumental shop

Instrumental shop provides machinery equipment.

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