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Steel preparation shop

Implementing the concept of the enterprise PJSC “Danube Shiprepair” move towards shipbuilding direction, a decision to purchase metal heat-cutting machine was made. This equipment is one of the key links in separate division line for preliminary steel preparation.

The machine is designed for cutting sheets of maximum up to 2×8 meters and up to 60 mm thick.

The main cutting sheets process (thickness up to 20 mm) is carried out by plasma head, whereas thicker steel sheets are cut by three oxygen torches, mounted on the portal, and allow, if required, using an option of parallel cutting. Metal cutting process is controlled by using the software compatible with Microsoft operating system.

At the end of February 2017 the heat-cutting machine was implemented and main test trials were carried out, bringing out satisfactory results. As for now, we are engaged in personnel training and improvement of infrastructure.

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