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Oxygen station

DTP installation – 70m2

Designed to obtain in the field:

*  Liquid medical oxygen;
* Gaseous medical oxygen;
* Liquid and gaseous nitrogen.

The station can operate in one of the following modes:

* production of liquid oxygen;
* obtaining oxygen gas;
* production of liquid nitrogen;
* obtaining nitrogen gas.

Station performance:

* liquid oxygen – 70 kg / h;
* liquid nitrogen – 70 kg / h.

Purity of the issued products, in% by volume:

* liquid medical oxygen – 99.2
* liquid nitrogen not less – 99.0.

The operating pressure of the gaseous product is 150 kgf / cm2

Power consumed by the station: no more than 200 kW.

Power station – 380V.

The technical resource of the station is 31 000 hours.


mounted in a van of two compressor units, AVSh – 3.7 / 200; air filter, purge manifold, compressor control panel, cooling system, electrical equipment, fittings and appliances.
The equipment of the technological machine is mounted in a van and is intended for drying, cleaning, liquefying and separating into oxygen and nitrogen compressed into a compress. car air and includes air purification unit, air separation unit, high pressure expander DVD-13., pump liquefied gases, electrical equipment, appliances and fittings.