Україна, 68640, Одеська обл., Ізмаїльський р-н, селище міського типу Суворове, вул. Бесарабська, будинок 1

+38 (048) 708 02 16

About the Company

OJS “Dunaysudoremont” was established on the basis of IPC SE ‘Izmail Shipyard” property in accordance with order # 799 of State Property Fund of Ukraine as of 09.07.2008.

Open Joint Stock Company “Dunaysudoremont” is the legal successor of the rights and duties of the CJSC “Ismail Shipyard” and is specializing in servicing needs of ship owners and repair of sea and river vessels.

The enterprise is situated in Izmail, close to a famous historic monument- an old Turkish fortress. The shipyard has over a half century experience in repair, refurbishment and extension of various types of vessels: from hydrofoil vessels to sea motor vessels and special-purpose vessels. Our enterprise occupies broad production areas on both land and water. The presence of specialized workshops and bays, and most importantly highly-qualified professionals enables to perform a full range of repair and maintenance services on various vessel types. We also specialize in all types of mechanical metal processing. All works are conducted in compliance with international standards, are comprehensively recorded and are vigorously controlled on each stage of the repairmen process.

Our main principles are:

  • Competent HR politics
  • Transparent pricing system
  • Stringent fulfillment of obligations regarding repair timing
  • Use of the most up-to-date repair technologies

During more than fifty years of its functioning, our shipyards have turned into a modern progressive enterprise and as for today the total length of our berths comes up to1000 meters, they are equipped by four portal cranes, with capacity 10-32 tons and compressed air system, water and electricity. In addition, we have a tug with capacity of 600 l/s, floating cranes with hoisting capacity of 25 and 5 tons, four docks and covered-in berth with capacity of 50, 5000, 2500, 6100 and 500 tons respectively. Area of water surface is over 13 ha, ship-passing depth- 4,5 m. Dimensions of repair ships can be as follows:

  • Length up to 140 m
  • Light-ship up to 6000 tons
  • Vessel draft- up to 4,5 m

This list of services provided is constantly growing due to the introduction of new technologies into manufacturing process. Our employees have an extensive experience in both vessel extension and ship conversion of various purpose (such as passenger ships, floating cranes, dredges, tugs etc.) so as in change of Register class.

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