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Sandblasting equipment

Our company has a set of sandblasting equipment, produced in Belgium and Austria, for ships’ cleaning and painting. There are also two powerful compression pumps, able to simultaneously cover eight sandblasting trunks. Both highly-experienced staff and the availability of such equipment allow achieving speed, effectiveness and cleaning quality to up SA-1-SA-2/SWP level. Paint works are conducted under the supervision of not only our experts, but also by inspectors of painting companies.

Painting quality complies with Swedish ISO.

Our enterprise produces corrosion protection solution for steel structures of all shapes and forms, using the work equipment from leading manufacturers.

Surface preparation is carried out in accordance with international standards ISO 8501…..8504, from hand cleaning by mechanical tool C St2 to sandblasting A Sa3 type, what is particularly important for difficult surfaces and industrial metal ware, with the most stringent criteria in the world for protective coats.

We have 40 highly-trained workers and all necessary off line- equipment to conduct sandblasting operations.

Air diesel screw-type mobile compressors:

  • «Atlas Copco », Р=12 bar, Q=21 m3 /min — 2 units
  • «D — 103», E.H.M.T.P., Р = 7bar, Q=10,3 m3 /min — 1 unit


  • «Clemco SWC2452», P=1,2Mpa, V=200 litres   — 8 units

Air collector:

  • V=6,3 m3, Р = 12 bar  — unit

Spray-painting device:

  • «King», P = 430 bar.  — 1 units
  • «Xtreme King», P= 469 bar — 3  units

High-pressure washing unit:

  • Bluecleen», Р=450 bar — 2 units

Control devices:

  • Electrical temperature and humidity gauge – 2 unit

Production process, if necessary, is carried out 24/7, which allows to reach the capacity of up to 500 m2/day ( A Sa2 ½). Painting is normally done by airless spray units, which enable to apply one or two-component solutions with high percentage of dry residue (up to 100%).

Each stage of production process is being controlled by skilled technicians from the paint materials suppliers.

Our cooperation with well- recognized leading companies in paint manufacturing sector gives an opportunity to any of our customers to choose protection scheme which meets the requirements of both project and operational managers.

Using high quality coating materials, our enterprise along with paint manufacturers, provide guarantee for coatings based on the selected protection scheme.

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